You may want to use a payment gateway that is not natively supported by Chec/Commerce.js. This may be a local payment gateway, a digital wallet, or a crypto gateway.

Using our Manual Payment gateway you can integrate and offer any payment option to customers at checkout.

BYO gateway overview:

  1. In Settings > Payment gateways enable the “Manual” payment gateway.

  2. Create a checkout that uses the manual payment gateway as a payment method. Once this order is created, it will be flagged as unpaid.

  3. Handle the integration/payment flow with your payment gateway. You can also integrate new orders using webhooks and the orders.create event.

  4. Updating via the Dashboard: After your payment gateway returns a success response update the order in the dashboard by marking the unpaid “transaction” as paid.

  5. Updating via the API: You can use the following API request to update a transaction programmatically (be sure to replace the values in {HERE} with the correct values).

curl -X PUT -H 'X-Authorization: {PRIVATE_API_KEY}' -H 'Content-Type: application/json' -d '{

"status": "complete",

"gateway_transaction_id": "{GATEWAY_TRANSACTION_ID}",

"gateway_reference": "{GATEWAY_REFERENCE}",

"notes": "{NOTES}"

}' -v -i '{ORDER_ID}/transactions/{TRANSACTION_ID}'

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