Chec provides a powerful, flexible, and simple commerce infrastructure for selling any type of product. Our headless infrastructure allows merchants and developers to sell creatively on any frontend, with any design. We support and maintain all the backend eCommerce logic leaving you more time to build your business.

Chec Dashboard is the name of our merchant dashboard where admin users manage products, orders, discounts, customers, and more.

Commerce.js is the name of our flagship Javascript SDK and primary developer offering.

Ways to sell?


  • Hosted Checkouts - Can be linked directly to your customers via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Email. No website required

  • Hosted Space - A beautiful one-page storefront and shopping cart for your customers to browser and shop. No website required

  • Embeddable Checkouts - With a single line of code, place self hosted checkouts into websites, blogs and apps.

  • Commerce Rays - Customizable single page eCommerce landing pages with checkouts.


  • Commerce.js SDK - Quickly create custom storefronts, carts, checkouts and receipts with our flagship Javascript SDK. 

  • Chec API - Pick apart and use all aspects of our infrastrucutre via our API. Choose what eCommerce features you need to build your 100% customized eCommerce business.

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