There are 6 payment gateways to choose from to receive payouts when selling with Chec & Commerce.js.

To enable a live gateway, please add a card on file so we can bill you for using the platform. You can use the Test Payment Gateway for free and while you build and test your integration.

The current gateways we support are:



There is also a manual payment gateway for bringing your own gateway for cash on delivery/pickup, bank deposit, etc.

Stripe - Stripe processing fees + Chec fee

Braintree - Braintree processing fees + Chec fee

Square - Square processing fees + Chec fee

PayPal - PayPal processing fees + Chec fee

When enabling the PayPal gateway, remember to add your email. 

Paymill - Paymill processing fees + Chec fee

Razorpay - Razorpay processing fees + Chec fee

Manual Payments - Customers manually pay you + Chec fee

Go to Settings > Payment Gateways to enable payment gateways.

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