There are many ways to sell online using Chec and Commerce.js

1. Storefront + Shopping CartĀ 

Hosted, one page storefront + cart to display all of your products. The shopping cart lets your customers purchase multiple products at once, making for a seamless shopping experience.

Example: My Camera Store

Single product page and checkout. Link customers directly to your product via Youtube, social media, email or linked on your website. This is a hosted checkout making it a fast and easy way to get your product or service to your customers.

Example: My Camera - Purple Camera

3. Embedded CheckoutĀ 

Embed your products seamlessly onto your website or blog. With just a few lines of code, you can create a native eCommerce experience for your customers, keeping them engaged on your website. This is a hosted checkout.

Example: Video Hub App

4. Commerce Rays

A no-code, visual builder for creating customizable shopping experiences. For marketing teams and businesses wanting to try headless, you can create as many Rays as you want for campaigns, paid media, or partnerships. Commerce Rays can be integrated into your Shopify, resulting in orders being synced back into your Shopify account after customers purchase from a Ray.

You can customize the auto-generated link to the domain of your choice ie:

Example: Demo | Demo | Demo

5. Commerce.js

Create completely customized, self hosted eCommerce experiences. Design your own storefronts, checkouts, and interactions using our SDKs and APIs.

Ask your developer or designer to create a custom eCommerce experience that uses your designs and branding throughout the entire checkout process. Commerce.js is faster to integrate than Magento and more customizable than Shopify.

Visit our documentation here
Examples on GitHub


Commerce.js Demo

Leon & George

House of Stole

Shoppable Campaigns

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