Adding a product in the Chec Dashboard is easy.

In the side navigation, click on the Products tab and then the "+ ADD" button in the top right of your screen.

Now you can start creating your product!

Product name

Your product name should clearly represent the product or service you are selling. Make the product name as concise and descriptive as possible so there is no confusion around what your customer is buying.

SKU (Stock Keeping Unit)

Add a unique SKU to your product for easier referencing.


You can choose to manage the inventory of your product in the dashboard, or from an external system like a PIM. Select "Managed" to enter a stock level you will track from the dashboard.

Leaving inventory unmanaged for your product will give it an infinite/unlimited stock levels, ideal for digital products.

Product description

Keep the product description as short as possible whilst providing all the relevant information about the product. Quantity, color, size, expiry, and any other defining features should also be included if applicable.


You can sell anything on for as little as $.50 and as much as $100,000 (USD). This may vary depending on the payment gateway you are using.

Enabling PWYW pricing allows the customer to choose the price of your product. The minimum amount to Pay What You Want is $0.50. You must set the price to $0 if you want your product to be free (as a merchant, you will not be charged fees on free ($0) products/orders).


Products can be added to multiple categories. You must create a category prior to adding a product to that category.

For API users only, create associated products that allow you to display related products on your custom product display page, cart, or checkout.

Product images

You can upload multiple PNGs, JPGs and GIF's files for your product images. To reorder images, hover over an image, grab it and move it to the desired order.

Extra fields

Collect custom data from your customers at the checkout relating to the product and make certain fields required.

Digital Delivery

For digital products, add your digital files to the product.

Next, set:

  • Download limit (how many times your customer can download the product)

  • Link expiration (how many days/weeks/ months after purchase will the download link expire

Shipping options

Define the shipping options for the product. You must set your shipping zones and logic in settings > shipping and then enable shipping at the product level to be calculated at the checkout.


Here is the variants card view where added variant groups (Material, Color, Size) and variant options (for the variant group Material - Patent, Suede, Leather, etc.) are displayed. To add or edit your variants, simply click the green 'add/edit' button on the top right corner and a variants management panel will be in view. Have a read of this article for adding variants to your products.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Make your products more searchable by search engines with a descriptive title and meta description.

If you are using our hosted checkout links, you can also set a customer product permalink.

Thank you page and sort order

When using a hosted checkout or spaces, add a thank you page to send your customers to after the checkout has completed.

*Note* if you have a digital product, the customer will not be shown the receipt with the download link if you add a thank you page redirect.

You may also define a sort order, which is a number that defines the order in which products are sorted by the API. Enter a higher number to make that product show up later in the list, or a lower number (minimum: 0) to have it show up earlier in the list.

Product status

If you do not want your product to be visible on your spaces storefront, set the product to be inactive.

For API users, your product will have either an "active" or "inactive" attribute which will allow you to filter/display products.

Custom product attributes

You can add additional information to your products by creating product attributes.

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