You can create as many categories as you like have them be as deeply nested as you need.

Create a category

Go to the categories section in the dashboard to add your first category.

Your category must have a name and permalink in order to be saved. Your category permalink will be automatically generated but you can also set this to whatever you want.

Give your category a description if you wish.

Add category images

Add as many category images as you want.

Save your category!

Create sub-categories

Now that you have at least one category, you can create sub-categories.

Click Add and a side panel will appear for you to create a sub-category.

Sub-categories are a way to be more specific about your product categorization. For example: Womens > Footwear > Casual Shoes

Save your sub-category!

You now have created a parent and child category hierarchy.

Associate category to a parent

You can associate a new category to a parent by selecting it in the drop-down.

In the below example we are adding a new category Sports bag with the parent category Bags.


For categories that have more than 3 levels of nested sub categories, we will show ellipses. Hover over the ellipses to view the full herirachy.

The below example is: Womens > Footwear > Running > Cross-country

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