Attach any type of data to your products using attributes.

Go to Settings > Attributes in the dashboard to extend the product model with any type of data.

When you add attributes, you will then see them on the product.

What types of product attributes can I create?

We support the following field types for your attributes.



Short text:

A field for setting strings under 255 characters. This will display as a text field in the products page.

Dimensions, stock location, brand.

Long text:

Creates a long form field for larger blocks of text. This will display as a multi-line text field in the products page.

Product page content blocks, assembly instructions.


A numeric field. This field will display as a number field in the products page.

Product weight, height, production time in hours.


A date field which will display as a date picker on the dashboard.

Coffee roast date, publish date, best before date.


A boolean field which will display as a check box on the products page.

Includes gift wrapping, display custom background on product page.


Creates a radio options field which will be displayed as a radio option group in the products page.

Packaging type, product page template


Shows as a dropdown field on the dashboard. This can be toggled between single or multi-select.

What’s included in the box, product page options.

To learn more about adding product attributes, read the blog.

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