The great thing about Chec is that you can use it almost an anywhere online. Wether you've got a Wordpress site or are only using social media, place your Chec checkouts anywhere.


If you are using the WordPress ecosystem then you will be familiar with basic HTML and how to add small snippets of code into your website.

Click the share/embed button of your product and place either the checkout link as a hyperlink on a buy now button OR embed the checkouts using the provided code snippet. 


Integrate a single product checkout into your Unbounce landing page in 1 minute. See our Unbounce integration tutorial.


Facebook is a powerful marketing tool which should be used by all businesses.

Create a Shop Now button with a link to your Chec storefront or checkouts. You can also just add your Chec storefront to the About section of your Facebook profile. 


Instagram is a great way to generate interest in your products and services. 

In the website field of your profile, add your Chec storefront so potential customers can go directly to your store. 

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